Cash from Chaos

What have music impresarios Sergey Diaghilev, Malcolm McLaren and Simon Cowell got in common? – and what sets them apart? asks Peter Rosser.


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The Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson

Where did it all go right – and wrong – for Michael Jackson, asks Peter Rosser.
jm_1_6_landing_10michael jackson
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Peter Rosser writes in The Wire #334


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I wanna riot

A new collection of essays suggests that Punk is best described as a cultural movement that doesn’t move: it is a moment, a punctuation mark, an animal urge, occurring without unity of purpose or logic.


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solo for guitar

moss extract

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Untrammeled Freedom

Peter Rosser listens to jazz trio the Bad Plus’ take on The Rite of Spring, and wonders what more can be done with Stravinsky’s beloved work.


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Life After Death?

Over half a decade since Nas proclaimed its death, Peter Rosser asks if hip-hop could, in fact, be the only music able to present an honest picture of our time.nicki-minaj-widescreen

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